Yoga software simplified

Designed simple with the small to medium studio in mind. Easily bring your schedule, waivers and payments online. Easily run online classes, manage waitlists, cancellations, support your teachers.


Lets you just teach yoga

We know.  Running a studio can be tight and every dollar saved helps the bottom line.  A simple one price model provides all features at low cost.  Taramala is designed to be easy to learn and use.

Your studio on the cloud

Taramala provides widgets that you can embed in your website or run standalone. These widgets allow you to present a studio schedule and events. Supports payments, donations taken online. Supports waitlists, notification of cancellations, you name it.

Zoom Your Classes

Your students signup through your website and emails are sent out automatically providing students with their Zoom link and password.


Simple to use

Built to run itself.  Classes start automatically based on time.  Intuitive interface let’s your students sign themselves in and check their punch card status.

Easily Extend Your Website

Taramala extends your website with one line of code. Your students can signup for classes online. Students can view their punchcard status and purchase punchcards online

Simple to connect

Taramala talks to mailchimp and keeps you connected with your students.

Simple pricing

No hard to understand tiers or options. No hidden setup charges. Just one price.  Real simple.

Managing Your Studio Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

While it’s vital to manage schedules, subscriptions and punchcards, it doesn’t need to be tedious.  Taramala handles that work for you. And setting things up doesn’t need to be hard either. This video steps you through the process.

Analyze Attendence Data

Taramala’s home page lets you check attendence by teacher and see how attendence changes over the year.   Keep track of how studio income fluctuates over time and where your chief source of income is.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Students

Add Taramala’s capabilities to your website so that students can signup for classes online, view their punchcard status and buy punchcards online.

It’s easier to hold on to existing customers than look for new ones.  Easily see which students are attending and reach out to the students that are attending less often.

"When I had a substitute teacher, my students showed her how to use the class sign in app."

– Molly