About Taramala

The Story of Taramala

Legend has it that there once lived a young woman in the woods of New Hampshire. This woman loved people and loved to teach yoga and so decided to create a space where she could make new friends and practice yoga together.

Like most people starting a yoga studio, she decided to use one of the well known yoga studio packages. This was a large undertaking but she liked to learn new things.

But the software was bulky and very complicated because the package was designed to handle not only yoga studios but fitness studios and hair salons. More than that, they kept calling her explaining why they would need to raise their prices.

Now this was just a small studio in the woods.  She didn’t need most of the features the software offered and it was too expensive so she decided to go without. In fact, she even decided to stop paying for WIFI at the studio. This was great! Those changes meant that her studio could be profitable!

But there was a problem. First, it was a lot of desk work managing punchcards manually and she didn’t like this sort of work and often fell behind in it. Second, she didn’t like reminding her friends to buy punchcards to pay for classes.

Well, along came a young software developer from the big city and she taught him yoga and they fell in love and decided to get married and live together in the woods.

This man saw the predicament his beloved was in and decided to use his formidable coding skills to create software that was industry strength and yet as simple and as automatic as possible. More than that it would even run offline as she liked!

This software was used by friends for many years. For the man it was a labor of love.

And then they decided to share this software, inexpensively, more widely to small yoga studios like theirs …

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