Product Features

Zoom classes, waitlists.  Studio events. Student subscriptions, sliding scale payments. Gift cards. Email a student or the entire class, cancel classes.

Managing Your Studio Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

While it’s vital to manage schedules, subscriptions and punchcards, it doesn’t need to be tedious.  Taramala handles that work for you. This video steps you through a live production site.

Run Online & In-Person Classes

When students signup for a class online using a widget embedded in your studio website, Taramala sends out an email with a confidential zoom link to the class the night before that class begins. The zoom link is also available in your students account on your website.

Students can sign waivers online or when they get to the studio.

Quick & Easy Checkout

Students can quickly purchase classes with only a few clicks.  Taramala supports Apple and Google Pay for secure and easy transactions using their phone.

Take advantage of the holiday season with plastic and digital gift cards allowing students to buy punch cards for family and friends.

Want to Try It?

Taramala runs on the cloud to give you peace of mind

Taramala runs on Amazon Web Services along other services such as Netflix and Spotify.  Multiple redundant servers means the site does not go down and makes both your students and your teachers experience better with surprising speed and performance.

AWS is the most broadly adopted cloud platform for good reason. Millions of businesses rely on AWS’s cutting-edge security—from startups to huge enterprises and government agencies.  AWS offers top-of-the-line security, the kind required by the military and global banks. 

Feature Overview

Here is what Taramala can do for you.

Zoom Classes

Your students signup through your website and emails are sent out automatically providing students with their Zoom link and password even if they signup the day of the class.

Self Service

Designed for a small to medium sized studio with no dedicated checkin staff.  Students are empowered to sign themselves in and also check how many classes are left on their punchcard and how soon it will expire.


Sell Punchcards, Drop ins, Tickets to Events Online

You can easily extend your website with a single line of code to sell punchcards online using Square as the payment processor.


Students can be imported up front or as needed when they first attend a class.

If you use mailchimp, new students can be automatically added to a mailchimp mailing list.

Migrating to Taramala

Whether you are converting from a manual punchcard system or migrating from another yoga studio software system, we’ve simplified things so that you can perform the migration yourself with a few hours.  Of course, we are here to help you as well.

Student Website

Extend your website with one line of code.  Students can create their own accounts, signup for classes and check their punchcard status.

Finance Analytics

Taramala’s home page lets you check attendence by teacher and see how attendence changes over the year. Keep track of how studio income fluctuates over time and where your chief source of income is.

Answer nagging questions like how much does attendence actually go down over the summer months?


Flexible Payment Types

Taramala supports drop-in, punch card and subscription payment types.  You can define multiples of each type, for example a normal vs a student drop-in or a both a 5 and a 10 class punch card type.

At class signin, Taramala can automatically determine the appropriate payment type for a student but everything is editable afterwards to handle special cases.

Gift Cards

A great way to find new students is using gift cards! Taramala supports Square gift cards which can be physical cards emblazoned with your studios logo or digital gift cards.

Personalized Subdomain

While signing up for the free trial, you select the web subdomain to use for your studio.  This helps with branding especially if you don’t have a studio website.  In that case, students will go to to pay for and sign up for classes.

Dedicated Support

When you sign up for the free trial, you are assigned a dedicated support person to help you setup your site.  Support can work using email or using Zoom sessions to answer any questions you might have.  With email responses, support makes every effort to respond within an hour.  Any questions?  Just ask

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