Managing Your Studio Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

While it’s vital to manage schedules, waivers, class passes and virtual classes, it doesn’t need to be tedious.  Taramala handles that work for you. This video steps you through a live production site.

Schedule a live demo

Setup a 30 minute no hassle, pressure free demo of Taramala via a Zoom session to answer any questions you have concerning use of Taramala.

See what your students see

Check out a live instance of the student schedule component which allows students to:

  • create an account,
  • view a live class schedule with both online and in-person classes,
  • sign an online waiver,
  • checkout coming events,
  • signup or waitlist for classes,
  • buy punchcards, make dropin payments or purchase a monthly subscription.

See what our customers are saying ...

Swan River Arabi is a medium sized yoga studio based in New Orleans.  This is their experience adopting Taramala.

Online & in-person classes

Need to setup simultaneous online & in-person classes? Taramala provides a combined view of both classes.  You can see who is online. You can email students or the class. Easily review the days classes. 

Free Trial Overview

It's Totally Free

We won’t take your credit card information until after the trial is over. There is no risk or obligation on your part.

You Get The Whole Enchilada

Taramala’s simple single price plan gives you all features for one price. Similarly, the free trial comes with access to all features.

You Can't Get It Wrong

It’s easier than you think to set things up. Initial setup of teachers and schedule should only take a few minutes.

You Are Not Alone

We know that this can seem like a big undertaking, so we are here to help via email, phone and live sessions.
There is also a wealth of online documentation. And if somethings missing, let us know!

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