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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we hear most frequently from customers.

How can yoga studio software help me?

Help students know when they need to buy a punch card.  There is a lot of tedious record keeping that when performed manually, is work that needs to be performed daily or at least weekly.  When using the index card method it’s very difficult to have a overall view of how things are going.

How Does Offline Support Work?

A monthly WIFI bill can make the difference between running in black and not being profitable in many yoga studios.  For that reason, it’s designed using the latest browser technologies to continue running even when there is no internet connection or when there is a flaky internet connection.

When offline, class attendence, purchases and student edits are saved in the browsers cache and at the moment it detects that there is an internet connection, it proceeds to upload those changes.

I've been fine using index cards, why switch?

Try the demo.  There is no risk and the best way to learn to begin using the product.

Unless you are very disciplined and keep track of attendence it’s difficult of which students need new punch cards.  With Taramala, that is done for you and better yet, rather than you telling the student, she or he can find out for herself while signing in.

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